Employee co-ownership

On Wednesday 8 November, the subscription period for the employee ownership programme starts. The programme consists of the annual share purchase plan with some modification and the new share ownership plan where all eligible employees can receive 40 complimentary shares.

We believe the Multiconsult group benefits when as many of our employees as possible are co-owners of the company. This strengthens the bond employees have to their workplace and their interest in development, operations and profitability.  

For you as co-owner this can be a good long-term investment – in principle, you can potentially get better returns on your savings than by keeping them in the bank. We offer all eligible employees the opportunity to buy a certain number of shares at a significant discount, which can make the investment particularly profitable. In addition you also have the chance to receive an annual dividend.


Eligible employees are permanent employees with a fixed salary who, at the time of subscription, work at least 50 per cent in Multiconsult ASA or a majority-owned subsidiary and been employed before the subscription period starts.

Eligible employees starting after the subscription period has begun will receive complimentary shares in Q1 2024 and shall not register in the Optio portal now.


Get 40 complimentary shares in Multiconsult

  • As a one-off effort to make employees owners, all eligible employees will receive 40 complimentary shares​
  • You do not have to buy shares in the share program to get shares – you only need to create a share account and register it in the Optio portal​
  • The complimentary shares are not subject to a lock-in periode
  • You need a share account and register this in the Optio portal (more information below).

Buy shares in Multiconsult at a 20 per cent discount

  • All eligible employees can buy shares at a discounted price for between NOK 6 000 and NOK 100 000
  • Lock-in period of two years. This means that as long as you are employed by the company, you cannot sell the discounted shares before the lock-in period has expired
  • You need a share account and register this in the Optio portal (more information below).
  • Subscription period (when you must subscribe for the desired number of shares) is from 8 November to 22 November at 14:00.

Finance purchase of shares in Multiconsult with an interest-free loan

  • You can borrow in excess of NOK 70 000 interest-free from the company to finance the purchase of discounted shares.
  • The loan must be repaid within 12 months and deducted in monthly installments from your salary
  • You register in the Optio portal (see more information below) whether you want to pay for the shares via an interest-free loan, through payment or a combination of these.


To get the complimentary shares and/or buy discounted shares, you must create a share account (if you do not already have one) and log into the portal of our partner, Optio, to confirm participation and provide information about the share account . The Options portal can be found here:

Optio Incentives Portal: https://portal.optioincentives.no

Inside the portal, you must:

  • Enter your work email address
  • Receive a 6-digit code by email
  • Enter the code on the login page
  • Follow the instructions on the portal


For more information, refer to the e-mail you should have received from Optio or by accessing the Optio portal (https://portal.optioincentives.no) where you will find detailed information about shares and the employee ownership programme.

If you cannot find an answer to your question there, contact HR via e-mail shareprogram@multiconsult.no.