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Shtokman FPU

Shtokman FPU

The Shtokman offshore site is characterized by sea ice and glacial intrusions. The moored Flotating Production Unit (FPU) is designed to withstand severe ice interactions but is also able to disconnect to avoid forecasted severe ice threats.

A probabilistic numerical environment was developed in order to simulate thousands of years of
operations at the site. This included:

• Simulation of metocean, sea ice intrusions and ice drift dynamics
• Simulation of metocean forecasiting
• Simulation of the effect of ice risk management (incl. ice drift forecasts and physical ice management)
• Simulations of response forecast of the moored FPU
• Simulations of downtime due to forecasted ice threats

The downtime due to sea ice was simulated for various operational configurations and parameters steering the downtime level were identified.