Jurong rock cavern olje og gass onshore


Jurong rock cavern


Jurong rock cavern

Jurong Rock Cavern

Jurong Rock Cavern is an innovative initiative driven by JTC to increase underground oil storage capacity on Jurong Island. JRC is being built at subterranean depths beneath the seabed of Banyan Basin.

Phase 1 of the JRC, with a storage capacity of approximately 1.47 million cubic metres, will be used to store liquid hydrocarbons such as crude oil, condensate and naphtha.

Storage of petrochemical products beneath the seabed through the JRC will further enhance safety and security on Jurong Island. In addition, the underground storage facility will free up land for higher value manufacturing operations. The size and storage capacity of the JRC translates to a saving of approximately 60 hectares of surface land space.

Engineering services

• Project Manager
• Planning Manager
• Contract Manager
• Technical Review team
• Project Management
• Geotechnical enginnering
• Process engineering
• Mechanical engineering
• Piping engineerig

Project summary

On site project manager including administrative and technical supervision team. Execution of technical review and approval of basic design.

Clients representative for site investigations, basic engineering and follow-up of EPC contracts.

• Storrage caverns
• Access shafts
• Jetties
• Prosess areas
• Pipe routings