Maria, Ruth, Marius og Torbjørn hadde sommerjobb for Fornybar Energi. Les om deres prosjekterfaringer her.

Must Fornybar Energi 2021

“What are the possibilities for a fully renewable energy system in the world’s most northernmost settlement?” This was the topic of this year’s summer project, which also included a field trip to Svalbard!

Our job was to investigate different alternatives for a new, renewable, energy system for Ny-Ålesund. Our client was SNSK (Store Norske Spitsbergen Kulkompani AS), but we also worked with Kings Bay AS which runs most of the activities in Ny-Ålesund.

In Ny-Ålesund (Svalbard), heat and power are generated using diesel today. This causes greenhouse gas emissions, which needs to be reduced in order to stop global warming. In addition, Ny-Ålesund is an international research community where, among other things, air measurements are performed. It is therefore crucial to change to emission-free, renewable energy production in the future.

The summer project lasted for six weeks. During the first two weeks we were at the headquarters at Skøyen in Oslo, before we went on a field trip to Svalbard for two weeks. After a vacation, we were back at Skøyen to complete the project and present the delivery in the form of presentations and a final report.

Before the field trip we had meetings and lectures with professionals from several of Multiconsult’s departments. We also spent a lot of time reading on background information, and retrieve data from relevant professionals, industries and operating personnel from the power station at Ny-Ålesund. Together with our mentors we established a focus area for the project and decided which scenarios to look into for the case of Ny-Ålesund. We investigated different technologies, as for instance solar power, wind power, energy storage with batteries and hydrogen, in addition to ammonia. Scenarios combining several solutions were simulated in order to find the best options which we presented in the final delivery.

During the time we worked in Oslo several social happenings were organized together with other MUST-groups, both physically and digitally due to the corona situation.

For the two following weeks, we travelled on a field trip to Svalbard. This was a very exciting, interesting and funny experience! However, it was also important and necessary for our project, as we got to see the existing energy systems, speak to relevant people and get an overview of actual demands, challenges and local opinions.

The field trip started with a one week stay in Longyearbyen, where we were lucky to borrow the office of SNSK. The next week we flew from Longyearbyen to Ny-Ålesund, above spectacular mountains, huge glaciers and turquoise blue water. This was a memorable flight! During the stay in the world’s northernmost town, we inspected the power station, energy systems and energy use in several buildings to gather data for our simulations. In addition to the professional schedule, our trip to Svalbard included many social and fun activities, such as a guided tour into a coal mine, hiking in the mountains, visiting the brewery of Svalbard, ice swimming and much more!

“Ultimately, this has been an unforgettable and exciting summer!”

The project and the MUST arrangements have been very exciting. We gained valuable experience from working as consultants, together as a team. However, it was also demanding and intense for some periods, and a lot of work was put in. We were to deliver a product of high quality to a certain deadline, in accordance with Multiconsult’s standards. However, good support was given from very pleasant and helpful mentors throughout the project. Ultimately, this has been an unforgettable and exciting summer!

Maria Isabel Bang Jensen

Ruth Elisabet Grindal

Marius Hofgaard

Torbjørn Heimvik