Multiconsult mobilising for Alto Maipo project in Chile

Multiconsult, in cooperation with Skava of Chile and Amberg of Switzerland, have signed a Contract with AES owned Alto Maipo Spa.



NORPLAN Study: Cost Competitiveness of Rural Electrification Solutions

NORPLAN’s recent study, carried out on assignment for NORAD, compares the costs and benefits of various solutions to rural electrification. The study indicates that distributed renewable energy solutions, particularly solar PV, are increasingly more attractive than grid-based solutions.



Recommends five offshore wind zones in Norway

The Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy now makes the results from a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of 15 offshore wind zones in Norway available for public consultation. The SEA gives an interesting update on how offshore wind could develop in Norway and it gives an excellent update on how technology for deep water may develop towards 2020.



About Multiconsult

Multiconsult is one of Norway’s leading consulting companies with more than 25 offices in Norway and abroad. The head office is located in Oslo, but Multiconsult’s total expertise is available from all offices. Multiconsult offers multidisciplinary consulting and engineering services to public and private clients nationwide and overseas. Multiconsult’s services cover all project stages.


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New Horizons for hydropower

Hydropower is currently one of the world’s best-established sources of renewable energy.  Clean, reliable, efficient and, cost-effective, this technology produces almost 20% of the world’s electricity.